ATTIA welcomes Singapore-Hong Kong travel bubble

13 November, Singapore: The Asia Travel Technology Industry Association (ATTIA) has welcomed the start of the bilateral Air Travel Bubble between Singapore and Hong Kong on November 22.

Richard Andrew, Executive Director of ATTIA, said: “This careful and considered measure is a positive step in the right direction.

“The past few months have been incredibly challenging and this news will be a welcome relief to so many families and businesses in both Singapore and Hong Kong.

“The return of safe, responsible travel is not just important for the tourism industry but important for both economies, which benefit from international travel, trade and investment.

“We cannot risk becoming complacent and would urge people to continue to listen closely to the guidance of local health authorities and strictly follow the rules as they have been doing.

“ATTIA will continue to work collaboratively with governments to help travel return safely and responsibly, and encourages other governments in the region to consider introducing similar safe travel arrangements when appropriate.”


About ATTIA:
The Asia Travel and Technology Industry Association (ATTIA) represents companies operating in the travel and tourism sector in Asia-Pacific, with technology and innovation at their core. Our members include Agoda, Airbnb, and Expedia Group. The continuous innovation of travel and technology delivers significant benefits for economies, communities, businesses and travellers across the Asia-Pacific region that positively impacts livelihoods, living standards, workplace opportunities and quality of life for citizens in the region. ATTIA seeks to promote a deeper understanding of the policy issues that stand at the intersection of travel and technology. ATTIA serves as a resource and a catalyst for closer collaboration and information-sharing for the development of aligned industry/government priorities and vision for travel and tourism in Asia Pacific. With regional and international footprints and experience, ATTIA members have deep experience in weathering global crises and supporting the entire hospitality industry in long term tourism recovery and revitalisation efforts. Now is the moment for the hospitality industry to stand united together and protect, promote and leverage benefits from travel and tourism as a foundational element of governments’ COVID-19 recovery strategy.

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